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I currently write in three forms: blog posts, chicken scratch, and zettelkasten


Save your wrists and your time: lose the mouse

Note: This post is aimed at macOS users, with some cross-OS tools. Most are free and open-source. Hi, I’m Kevin and I don’t use a mouse. As a knowledge worker or keyboard warrior, most of my life exists between the four corners of a screen.

Thoughts and directions on Human Compatible (Russell, 2019)

I just finished reading Human Compatible (2019) by Stuart Russell. Unless I have compelling reasons, I usually like to read books that have aged well. Given that I’m quite invested in AI safety, and Stuart Russell is no doubt distilling decades of experience into 300 pages, this felt important enough for me to study.


How to prevent the Wormhole hack (2022)

What are sysvar accounts? used for classic operations needed within the solana runtime What is Instructions sysvar? needed if an instruction needs to reference instructions in the same transaction How the Solana wormhole hack could have been prevented (and some hypotheticals).

Signal Imperative

Blog update 9/16

I’ve gotten lazy recently with my writing. My system of breaking down my writing organically into posts, chicken-scratch, and zettels hasn’t worked out how I’d want it to. I ended up producing a lot of draft zettels (little atomic learning notes), and not much else.